Artelus X-Net

Artelus AI model that can be used to reduce the burden on the healthcare workforce for reading chest X-Ray for pneumonia and Wuhan Covid-19

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Many doctors are contracting corona virus while treating the patients and few of them are losing their lives. This trend is everywhere in the world, it started with Li Wenliang (chinese whistle-blower doctor) followed by Italy, Spain, Pakistan, Indian doctors. What happens if this trend continues?

  • Many more doctors will be contracting with virus,
  • Health care workforce shortages,
  • Doctors may be feel discouraged to work on corona virus cases.

So, we do understand the problem now. How do we help doctors during this crisis?

Artelus (The winner of qualcomm design India 2018, ISO Certified) has come up with AI product which will help radiologist in detecting pneumonia, TB, COVID-19 using chest x-rays (Free of cost, can be used by any doctors or any citizens of this world) and We are extending our hands to work and design many more data products which will help doctors.There are many use-cases which can help doctors. Any individual/govt/strategic partners/doctors who think they can help during this journey will be always welcome.

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Calling all AI companies and especially AI in healthcare

In this hour of need, let us pool all our resources and come up with Novel Ways to defeat the Novel Virus. Our collective effort is needed to find ways to find solutions that may help in early detection of covid, or even prevention.

To this end, Artelus is making available its Core AI models for anyone to use, and build image detection solution. We have created a solution to read Pneumonia, and are working on gathering more images to make the model better so a simple mobile xray image can determine if the patient has pneumonia, covid pneumonia and basic flu and the burden on the healthcare system is reduced.

These super-heroes on the front line could use any help we can give and reduce their burden, come, let us join hands and find a few solutions to do our part. We will emerge from this stronger and a better human race. Healthcare is not the privilege of a few, but basic human right, and let us keep reminding ourselves the reason we are in Healthcare.

Let us not go to God and tell him how strong this virus is, but let us tell this virus how strong our God is.

We will prevail, humanity will prevail.

Jai Jagat- Jai Hind

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